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Register for Swim Lessons ONLINE and IN PERSON on November 16 — November 27

Splash Into Fall

Fall Swim Classes

Group Swim Schedule

We are offering three swim lesson sessions this fall! Sign up online or at your local pool during the registration period to confirm your spot.

All sessions consist of eight lessons over four weeks. To ensure you sign up for the right level, visit your local pool to complete an assessment today!

*Limited spots available for online registration
**Registration closes after the second class per session

1 September 24 September 21 - October 1
2 October 22 October 19 - 29
3 November 19 November 16 - 28

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Youth Aquatic Sports

Springboard Dive Team

Available Fall 2019. Springboard diving is classified as an art as well as a sport. The diver must have total body control and good kinesthetic awarenes. Divers compete in one-meter springboard events. Workouts are designed to build endurance, refine proper technique and execution of a dive from start to finish.

Team SwimLA

Available year-round. The program is designed to provide a team environment that fosters growth in competitive swimming by improvement of swimming stroke and technique. Workouts are designed to build endurance, efficient strokes, starts, turns and finishes are part of the team focus.

Artistic Swimming

Available Spring 2020. USA Synchro has changed the name to Artistic Swimming and will no longer be recognized as Synchronized Swimming. Designed to indroduce young swimmers to competitive Artistic Swimming. It's a hybrid form of swimming, dance, gymnastics, consisting of swimmers performing a synchronized routine of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music. It demands good water skills, strength, endurance, flexibility, good breathing control when underwater, and precise timing.

Junior Lifeguards

Available Summer 2020. The Junior Lifeguard Program is a class designed to teach children ages 10 to 17 years old basic water safety, skin diving, CPR, First Aid, and small crafts skills.

Water Polo

Available Spring 2020. Water polo is a seven team member (6 field players / 1 goal keeper) water sport that consist of basic fundamental skills: swimming, treading water (egg-beater) and passing (ball skills). Workouts are designed to build endurance, skills set, and team work.

Upcoming Events

  • Sept 21 - Oct 1

    Registration for Session #1 of swim lessons.
    Online and walk-ins available starting at 9:00am

  • September 22

    Fall team sports registration begins at 9:00am

  • September 24

    Session #1 lessons begin

  • October 19 - 29

    Registration for Session #2 of swim lessons.
    Online and walk-ins available starting at 9:00am

  • October 22

    Session #2 lessons begin

  • November 16 - 28

    Registration for Session #3 of swim lessons.
    Online and walk-ins available starting at 9:00am

  • November 19

    Session #3 lessons begin

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